Why I Love Amazon Affiliates

Many people have been asking me why I love Amazon Associates so much, so I figured I would write a blog post to talk about my experiences.

One of the first things I love about amazon affiliates is how easy it is to apply. When I first put my application in they got back to me within a couple of days which is actually super fast compared to eBay’s affiliate service.

The other thing that immediately caught my eye was how great the front-end UI looked for associates. There are tons of apps that integrate with this service, and all of the Data Tracking is incredibly impressive.

Another thing that I really love is how they have certain percentages of profit that you get based on the items that you’re selling. Some of the items that are a bit harder to sell have more commission that you can earn from selling them. As you sell more items you get a higher commission percentage which resets every month.

One of the easiest ways I found to raise my commission percentage is to make posts selling very cheap items on Amazon. This way if you get 100 people buying a $0.99 item still made a hundred sales and it bumps you up to a higher commission percentage. Then you can focus on selling high-ticket items worth lots of money, and still benefit from having a higher commission percentage due to the high number of orders you receive lower priced products.

Another thing that’s great about this system is how you get credit for things they buy even if it wasn’t what you intended for them to buy. For example, if someone came to one of my health websites I would expect them to click on my affiliate link for some pills, or herbs. If they decide not to buy those pills or herbs but go ahead and buy a lawn mower, I will still get Commission on that sale since they used my link to get to Amazon.

I’ve had this work out really well in the past, a couple of people have ordered really expensive things such as snow blowers and lawn mowers, and I’ve been able to get a nice chunk of the commission even though I don’t talk about either of those products on my websites. I actually got really lucky once and had someone buy a $10,000 digital camera through Amazon that I got a percentage of since I had referred him to Amazon.

Another great feature they have is that you can see exactly what people are clicking on and buying once they click through your link. This means you can easily improve your targeting, and see what users are browsing for after they have clicked your link.

Another feature is their monthly payouts. The payments I receive are always on time and always on the set schedule that I have selected. Some affiliate networks take longer to pay out especially when you first get started. One of the most annoying things I found on affiliate websites is that most of the time they won’t pay out until you have one to $200 in commission, luckily this is not the case with Amazon affiliates.

I hope that this helped to answer some of the questions that I’ve been getting, and helps to shed some.